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Communicate With Confidence

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Become More Confident.
Accelerate Your Professional Development.
Make An Impact.

The foundation of all professional development is the ability to communicate with confidence.

And once you have unshakable confidence, you’ll experience incredible transformation in every aspect of your life.

Hi, I'm Fia Fasbinder, co-founder and CEO of Moxie Institute, one of the most sought-after professional development companies on the planet.

From my decades coaching senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies, TEDx speakers, and other high-performing professionals to the top of their game, I know for a fact that anyone can become an incredible communicator, public speaker, and presenter.

I also know for a fact that your confidence and communication skills are not determined by your genetics and they do not require talent.

These are skills that anyone can learn, refine, and optimize—and I want to help you achieve them for yourself. The effort is more than worth it:

Right now, your level of confidence is the #1 predictor of your success.

So I’d like to personally invite you to the opening of MoxieU—a curated community of driven professionals that provides the education, resources, and network to take your career and your life to the next level.

MoxieU was born from my fierce commitment to helping others embolden their courage and elevate their communication to Unlock their Inner Moxie and become a positive force of change.








So What Is MoxieU?

MoxieU is an online professional development program with live instruction designed to empower you with tools and techniques to amplify your professional and personal growth.

Through our innovative program, you'll receive expert guidance and hands-on training that will help you increase your courage and confidence, build must-have skills, and unleash your inner moxie.

Live Online Instruction

With MoxieU, you'll have access to live online classes led by Moxie's Master Trainers.

These are the same experts who train our Fortune 500 clients, TEDx speakers, and other driven professionals just like you.

As an exclusive member of MoxieU, you'll master:

  • The habits and strategies of successful leaders to develop unshakeable confidence.
  • Proven techniques to sharpen your communication skills and connect with others.
  • Mindset shifts that will transform the way you view yourself and your abilities.
  • ​Strategies to deal with nerves and anxiety in high-pressure situations.
  • ​​First-class public speaking and presenting skills worthy of any stage.

So if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, challenge your beliefs, and take daily action towards becoming a confident and effective communicator:


force of character determination nerve

MoxieU Is Built By Qualified Experts In Neuroscience & Adult Learning Theory

I.e. You learn by doing and active participation. Always engaging, never boring.

We know that when you have a driven and passionate community at the center of online skill development courses, you create a valuable and powerful experience that enriches every member’s experience.

Accountability is key to building new habits and when combined with innovative gamification, you’ll be able to earn rewards just by committing to improving your skill set.


MoxieU’s focus on confident, authentic communication helps individuals connect meaningfully with others, deliver impactful presentations, and advance their careers.

The core training in MoxieU features monthly live classes with supporting learning reinforcements that will ensure you:

  • Refine your ability to communicate clearly and persuasively with confidence.
  • Master the art of engaging and captivating your audience with your message.
  • Develop skills to overcome nervousness and anxiety when presenting or speaking in front of others.
  • ​Create compelling and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • ​​Gain the knowledge and skills to deliver powerful and effective speeches that inspire and motivate others.


Live Online Classes

Courage & Confidence: Unleash Your Inner Moxie

When we have the courage to take risks and the confidence to believe in ourselves, we open doors to endless possibilities and the potential for greatness.

Our Courage and Confidence masterclass is specifically designed to take your personal and professional transformation to the next level. With interactive lessons and practical exercises, you'll develop a daily confidence ritual, learn how to handle nervousness in high-stakes situations, and how to deliver a powerful presentation with ease.

Give A Moxie Talk

An impassioned speech has the power to move hearts, change minds, and inspire action.

In the Give A Moxie Talk public live online class, you'll learn the art of delivering a TED-style talk. From crafting a captivating storyline to mastering body language and stage presence, you'll learn how to craft and deliver a talk that inspires, educates, and motivates your audience, allowing you to share your message with confidence and make an impact.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Speaking with authority requires having a powerful voice and expressive body language—but it also requires authenticity, audience engagement, and other expert techniques to truly make the impact you want.

In the Public Speaking & Presentation Skills public live online class, you'll learn how to tap into your unique voice and express your message in a way that is engaging and persuasive. With a focus on proven expert speaking techniques, you'll discover how to connect with your audience and deliver exceptional and unforgettable presentations.

Business Storytelling

Stories have the power to move us, to inspire us, and to connect us. Being able to tell a compelling story is an artform—and a skill that can be learned and perfected.

In the Business Storytelling public live online class, you'll discover the power of storytelling and how to use it to bring your presentations to life. With a focus on narrative structure, emotional appeal, and humor, you'll learn how to create stories that captivate your audience and help you share your message in a memorable way.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Connect with others, foster positive relationships, and achieve better results in your professional and personal life.

This experiential public live online class is designed to be fun, interactive, and engaging. Combining proven methods from emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and the best improv performance techniques, you'll learn effective collaboration, adaptability, active listening, and expressing yourself with authenticity to foster win-win solutions.

Rehearsal Bootcamp

Reinforce Theory With Practice.

How is public speaking like exercising, playing an instrument, gardening, or any other hobby? You can read more about it, but you’re not going to get better until you practice. Don’t have time to rehearse? Okay—make time to rehearse. Get the value of practice combined with the priceless insight of feedback from our experienced presentation experts.

Every incredible speaker you’ve seen has rehearsed. That cool, calm, collected charisma came from being 100% prepared. So if you want to present with confidence and captivate your audience, our Rehearsal Bootcamp is exactly what you need.

Online Courses

Speak with MOXIE

This is the most powerful public speaking and presentation training program available.Through comprehensive on-demand videos and over 25 downloadable resources, you’ll learn to reduce speech anxiety and engage with audiences effectively while also mastering business presentation skills. Our course gives you lifelong communication skills that will help you excel in your professional and personal life.

Write with POWER

Our online writing class will transform the way you approach any speaking engagement. From pitches to presentations, you will learn the best practices used by the world's top writers to bring any idea or data to life and give it impact. Moxie’s elite POWER methodology will guide you to overcome writer's block, engage audiences, and craft concise, persuasive messaging. And get expert resources to continue to improve your writing.

Virtual Communication Skills

This comprehensive course provides you with the tools and techniques to have an impactful and memorable virtual executive presence. With tips on technology, non-verbal communication, engagement, and leadership, you'll learn how to succeed in the virtual workplace and future-proof your career. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to provide polished and highly professional virtual presentations, meetings, and pitches.



Hear from Moxie’s very own Master Trainers as they delve into their specialties.


Get direct access to Fia Fasbinder and learn world-class leadership and communication techniques.


Featuring thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and other professionals at the top of their game.

You'll Also Receive Exclusive Access to Monthly Rehearsal Bootcamps

Rehearsal Bootcamp

Moxie Institute’s world-renown Rehearsal Bootcamp offers you the chance to work with an experienced Moxie Master Trainer who will provide you with personalized feedback and expert guidance to help you hone the message and delivery of any presentation. Our Bootcamp also provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and receive valuable peer feedback from your peers.

As a full access member, this exclusive monthly event is available to you as part of your membership to MoxieU, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

$697 Value

Here's Everything You'll Get Access To When You Join MoxieU Today

7-Week Courage and Confidence Course

Includes 7 Live Masterclasses Taught By Fia Fasbinder - $6000k Value
(Estimated Start: Mid-September 2023)

Monthly Access To An Expert-Led Public Live Online Class

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

- $697 Value

Give A Moxie Talk

- $697 Value

Business Storytelling

- $697 Value

Interpersonal Communication Skills

- $697 Value

Unlimited Access To Our Online Courses

Speak With Moxie

- $297 Value

Write With Power

- $297 Value

Virtual Communications Skills

- $294 Value

Exclusive Live Events, Interviews, & MoxieU's Community

Monthly Live Q&A w/Fia

- $297/Month Value

Accountability Groups

- $97/Month Value

- $97/Month Value

Expert-Led Masterclasses

- $594/Month Value

Thought Leader Interviews

- $297/Month Value

Access To MoxieU Community

- Priceless

*And A Special Bonus For All Access Members*

Access to our expert-led Rehearsal
Bootcamp Live Online Class

- $697 Value

1 Additional Public Live Online Class
In The First Month

- $697 Value

That's Over $4,000 Of Training & Coaching
You'll Get Access To For Just $97/month

When You Get Full Access Today, I'll Also Unlock This "Welcome Gift" To Get You Started:

Any Additional Public Live Online Class Of Your Choice.

Accelerate your professional development and attend two live online classes in your first month of signing up! The sooner you have the tools and techniques, the sooner you can start practicing and refining them.

As a special early-access welcome gift, this additional class is available to you as part of your full access membership to MoxieU, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

$697 Value

Choose Your Level of Access To MoxieU:

Please Note: This is an early access offer.
The Courage & Confidence masterclass will officially launch mid-September.

MoxieU Monthly Subscription

Access To One Live Online Class Of Your Choice Per Month, Unlimited Rehearsal Bootcamps, All On Demand Courses, And Exclusive Early Access To Future MoxieU Events & Courses.

First 3 months 50% off with Promo Code:

MoxieU Yearly Subscription

Access To One Live Online Class Of Your Choice Per Month, Unlimited Rehearsal Bootcamps, All On Demand Courses, And Exclusive Early Access To Future MoxieU Events & Courses.

1 year subscription 50% off with Promo Code:

“Every single one of us can benefit from an extra shot of confidence and courage to take us to the next level in our personal transformation. Whether that’s moving up in a company, speaking on stages, communicating more effectively with our teams, asking for a raise, interviewing for a new position, or leading meetings. You name it.”

- Fia Fasbinder, CEO Moxie Institute

Brought to you by Moxie Institute

Trusted by the world’s best.

It’s been a pleasure working with Moxie! I’ve learned so much about storytelling as a speaker. I’ve told my story thousands of times before, but never as good as I do now. It felt great as I was telling it. In fact, I can’t wait to see the video of me delivering it. Again, thank you!

Michael Fonseca

Heart Failure R&D, Abbott

Thank you so much for all the public speaking coaching tips that you gave us. I felt so much more comfortable and confident going into our conference after our session with you.

Pamela Abdy

President, MGM’s Motion Picture Group

Thank you for a great day, Moxie! The team was really energized and excited to use their new found public speaking tools and tactics. We’re grateful for your insight about performance anxiety and for teaching us that we’re not the “only ones” who get stage fright.

Stephen Bruno

Vice President of Global Creative Marketing, Netflix

Our Money Back Guarantee

I am 100% certain that what I teach in MoxieU works because over the years I have seen exceptional transformation across thousands of Moxie Institute clients—and I continue to practice what I preach every day in my personal life and as a CEO and keynote speaker too.

It’s vital that you understand that building new habits and skills takes time, repetition, and hard work.

But if you don't truly believe that MoxieU is for you then let us know within 7 days of joining and I will happily give you your money back. Click below to get your access to MoxieU and really put it to the test!

Join me for my monthly Live Q&As, take all the public live online classes, and network with other professionals.

I have full confidence that MoxieU will be the catalyst that takes your life and your career to new heights.

Fia Fasbinder,

“I just received this early feedback on my presentation. My boss’ boss said it was an amazing presentation and it couldn’t have been more timely. And her boss sent this message “Congrats! You blew everyone away. Great storytelling which landed in the right way at the right time. Fantastic!” So, put another one in the win column! Thanks again for all your help, your guidance and sagacity!”

- Alan Smith

Manager, Community Leadership, Consumer Reports

“Yesterday I completed two second round interviews utilizing techniques I’ve learned from my Moxie coaching sessions, and I executed the best I ever have in an interview setting.

- James Boeding

Demand Planning Manager, Lego

“Thank you, Moxie! I really appreciate all of the knowledge that you’ve shared over the past few months. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! I’ll definitely continue referring to the learning reinforcements that you created for me. Thank you for providing me with such a fantastic coaching program!”

- Mike Williams

Manager of Client Partnerships, Oracle

“I am so thankful for your help. I have received so many compliments on my speech, it felt unbelievable! This would not be possible without your amazing coaching! One of my mentors actually tweeted my presentation! What a huge compliment! Because of you, I now look at speeches in completely new ways...  Working with you has been a transformative experience.”

- Amy Yang

General Manager, Coca Cola

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. Your ability to persuasively champion your ideas is the single greatest skill that will give you a competitive edge.

Invest in yourself and your message at MoxieU today.

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